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We are a leading independent communication tower operator in South Africa, with bespoke structures catering for the telecommunications industry. 

Our portfolio consists of 6 500 communication masts and towers located throughout South Africa. 


We provide tenancy to all Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and other communications providers. 

  • We own prominent diverse tower structures that are attractive to major communications tenants

  • We provide build to suit solutions for major tenants to support their market growth plans

  • We proactively prospect and build new tower sites suitable for MNO market penetration 

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Geographic Spread

Tower Solutions

  • Multi-tenancy on existing tower sites

  •  Build-to-suit tower solutions for major tenants

  • Small Cell solutions for densification and 5G preparation

  • Proactive Greenfield projects in MNO attractive markets 



tower solutions

We deliver mast and towers solutions based on tenant demand.


We execute the end-to-end process from site acquisition, permitting, environmental impact assessments and final construction.

Our partnership with Openserve enables us to deliver an end-to-end solution of tower space rental and fiber backhaul connectivity

Small cell solutions

Our rooftop and multi-tenant lamp-pole solutions offer cutting edge telecommunications infrastructure to enable mobile network densification.

We are proactively preparing for 5G network and dense tower distribution requirements.

Greenfield Projects

We stay abreast of of the market penetration demand by our major tenants and proactively identify suitable tower sites to improve the tenants ability to effectively service their customers.

We strive to increase mobile network penetration of previously underserviced areas by proactively sourcing suitable sites for towers in the selected markets.

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